Bible: cheating and marriage issues

Learn more about cheating marriage issues and all the problems in women world with the helping hand of the Bible

How to Find Out if Your Spouse Is Cheating on You
How to Find Out if Your Spouse Is Cheating on You Psychiatrist Angelika gives examples of the most striking evidence that the spouse is not faithful The suspicion that your spouse are cheating – one of the worst in the world, and the stronger it is, the stronger the feeling that the ground is literally […]
Emotional Cheating – The Risk Of Emotional Affairs Turning Intimate
Although emotional cheating can be an extremely controversial subject, the term can broadly be defined as emotional unfaithfulness. When you start to share intimate thoughts and feelings with someone who isn’t your spouse or partner, then you begin to walk the fine line between friendship and an emotional affair. And that’s precisely the point where […]
Listen Your Wife’s Phone: Catch a Cheater
Spying on your wife through the phone is one of the easiest ways of private espionage. It is quite effective and at the same time maximum non-conflict. You will save money, because the spyware is installed on the cell phone, and there is no need to involve a private detective to spy on your unfaithful […]
How To Overcome The Desire To Cheat On My Husband?
How To Overcome The Desire To Be Cheating Spouse On My Husband? – The wife is equally responsible for the happiness of the marriage. In her power to give her husband to feel (and later really become) a strong, interesting, charming man. Asked by Anna Peace be with you, Anna There are such recommendations: First, […]
How Do You Cope With Your Husband’s Cheating?
How Do You Cope With Your Husband’s Cheating? Once your husband breaks your trust by getting romantically involved with another man, it will be difficult for you to trust him again. Your husband may regretfully advise you to give him another chance.The decision to accept it, even after his affair is revealed, should be your […]
Serpent Stings of Cheating
And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a serpent of brass, and set it on a banner, and [if any man be stung by the serpent] he that is stung, when he looked upon it, he shall live. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and set it on a banner: and when the […]
What Does The Bible Say About Cheating?
Marriages are made in Heaven. It’s not just a saying. It’s what the Bible says. God established the marriage bond at the creation of Adam and Eve. And Jesus Christ affirmed that the marriage bond is a holy one: “What God has joined together, no man can separate” (Matthew 19:3-6) Today people approach family formation […]
What Is Domestic Violence?
What is domestic violence?Domestic aggression, also called “domestic violence” or “intimate partner violence,” can be defined as systematic behavior between people aimed at gaining or maintaining power and control over an intimate partner. Aggression is physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that affect the other person. This includes any behavior […]
Couple Hopeful for Children’s Future After Escape From Kabul
An Afghan couple who arrived in Philadelphia this week navigated the streets of Taliban-controlled Kabul with their six children repeatedly before making it onto a rescue flight on the third day –AP. The 36-year-old father, Mohammad, who asked to be identified only by his first name to protect relatives still there, had worked for a […]
Afghanistan’s Top High School Graduate Fears for Her Future
Salgy Baran got the highest score in all of Afghanistan on her university entrance exams this year, but she has no answers for what comes next. The 18-year-old wants to stay and become a doctor, but as with so many other Afghans, those plans were plunged into doubt when the Taliban rolled into the capital […]
I Cheated on My Husband and Now I Regret
I regret that I deceived my husband and allowed another man to touch meNatalia asksAnswer Nataly Hello Natasha! In answer to your question: “Praise God!My husband and I got married.I met a man with whom I had an affair, there was no direct intimacy, now I regret that I cheated on my husband and allowed […]
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