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Is There A Providence Of God For Adultery In Marriage?
Daniel asks: “Hello! Is there the Providence of God for adultery and cheating spouse in marriage? If there is, then why such a painful admonition to a man? “ Good afternoon, Daniel God is against any sin. Naturally, adultery is a human error. For the harlot is a deep abyss, and another man’s wife is […]
My Girlfriend Left Me A Month Before I Was Supposed To Propose To Her
Nick asks: “Good afternoon! My girlfriend left me a month before I was supposed to propose to her. Said that she fell out of love. We fought a lot and the last fight was in front of my dad. And he seems to be against it now and she doesn’t want to either. The relationship […]
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Here I am posting all the issues and QA sessions with pastors due to what Bible words tell us. Also I am writing about marriage problems and doing research contributions about cheating and all the psychology problems due with it.