How Adultery Affects A Person’s Life: The Consequences And The Law Of The Boomerang

How Adultery Affects A Person's Life: The Consequences And The Law Of The Boomerang

“The game of life is like a game of boomerangs; deeds and words sooner or later come back to us with astonishing accuracy”

– Florence Skinner.

The above quote accurately and succinctly describes the boomerang principle. We can think of each of our thoughts, words, and actions as energy that returns in one way or another. But does the law of the boomerang really work in cheating life?

Why it works

Why it is useful to observe this principle:

Balance of the Universe.

This is how you align every aspect of your life with universal karmic law, understanding that people reap what they sow. For example, the karma of a married man’s mistress in most cases will be severely corrupted, which means that payback will come to her sooner or later either in cheating from her other half or inability to establish a personal life. Conscious choices. Knowing that everything comes back boomerang makes you think twice about what you want to do. What is more beneficial to you right now in terms of the future? Saving time and energy. Instead of thinking about why someone said or did something bad, you let the universe reflect back to them what they let out. You don’t waste energy on things you can’t control, knowing that bad because of cheating karma will do its own thing.

Personal responsibility.

Just as you let others reap the fruits of your actions, you yourself become fully responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. This means that the payback for cheating on your husband and betraying your wife will work just as inexorably as it did for your mistress. Less excitement. When emotions flare up, people usually react before they have time to think about it. When you stop, even for a split second, to think before you throw a boomerang and do something bad, the first negative urges will go away.

When you start thinking in terms of cause and effect and keep using this principle, you gradually reduce the mental, emotional and spiritual confusion in your life.

Some features of the action

In addition to being aware of the existence of the law itself, it’s helpful to know about some of the specifics of how it works:

You cannot predict when the boomerang will return. It may come back right now or some time later. The best thing you can do is not to hurt anyone and to forgive everyone else. For this reason, there is no way to build happiness on someone else’s misfortune. Good deeds done on purpose may not work. The more you perform gratuitous good deeds from your heart, not with a selfish purpose, the better result you will get for karma.

You cannot predict the shape of the returning boomerang. For example, infidelity accurately influences the further life of a person, and the payback for it can come back in absolutely unexpected ways. In the end, the person himself will get what he did to others, but not necessarily in the form you expected. Forgive yourself and others. If you drop the boomerang and regret it later, forgive yourself and move on. Staying sorry is a sure way to throw more negative boomerangs. Also, forgiving others will stop you from throwing boomerangs of anger and resentment.


The law of cause and effect applies all the time in life, both to yourself and to those around you. For this reason, you should not date a married man, as your karma will suffer and the consequences for these actions will surely come.

In its form, the Law of the Boomerang is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You receive the results that you yourself expect. This means that in the case of infidelity you may not fear negative consequences only if the woman and the man were moved only by sincere love and nothing else.


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