I Cheated on My Husband and Now I Regret

I Cheated on My Husband and Now I Regret

I regret that I deceived my husband and allowed another man to touch me
Natalia asks
Answer Nataly

Hello Natasha!

In answer to your question:

“Praise God!
My husband and I got married.
I met a man with whom I had an affair, there was no direct intimacy, now I regret that I cheated on my husband and allowed another man to touch me. I think I broke the vow I made in church before God during the Sacrament of Marriage. I have already prayed and asked God’s forgiveness, but I can’t seem to calm down. Tell me, is this a very serious violation of the vows, is our vow at the time of the Wedding now considered invalid?
Thank you!”

For what?
If some have been unfaithful,
would their unfaithfulness destroy the faithfulness of God?
It doesn’t.
God is faithful, but every man is a liar. Romans 3:3,4

When you entered into a marriage, you made a union not only between you and your husband, but between you and God. So did your husband. You promised the Lord that you would take responsibility for this man, that you would love and honor him until death separates you … that you would do everything possible to present this man to the Lord when you yourself stand before God: “Behold, Lord, I and my house which You have entrusted to me to shepherd. I have done my best and they are all here…”

If you have stumbled, it is not good, but it has happened. Come in repentance before the face of God with this, take for hope the promise:

If we confess our sins,
He, being faithful and just,
forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

God forgives you. Once again I say to you, “THE LORD FORGIVES YOU.”

Do not do this again. Put the consequences into the merciful hands of the Lord. Run away from the fornication and from the person with whom you mentioned this situation. If possible, let it be between you and the Lord. If you realize that sooner or later this story will also become known to your husband still on this earth, or if you are being blackmailed into continuing it, tell your husband everything, your repentance, your desire to be faithful to the Lord and your husband.

Your promises to the Lord are valid and you are not removed from your obligations as a wife to your husband.

Be faithful to the Lord!


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