Listen Your Wife’s Phone: Catch a Cheater

Listen Your Wife’s Phone: Catch a Cheater

Spying on your wife through the phone is one of the easiest ways of private espionage. It is quite effective and at the same time maximum non-conflict. You will save money, because the spyware is installed on the cell phone, and there is no need to involve a private detective to spy on your unfaithful wife. You can monitor your wife’s phone activity from the comfort of your home.

You should not rule out the fact that those who want not to be caught cheating will be masterful at covering their tracks. For example, if you just take and check your wife’s phone, it may not contain unknown contacts, SMS and other incriminating correspondence.

It is better to check the subscriber’s activity in secret. This operation is called mobile spying and is becoming more popular every year. By installing a special to catch a cheater app on your spouse’s smartphone, you can constantly monitor her calls, correspondence and location.

Listen Your Wife’s Phone: Catch a Cheater

When should I use the service?

Men resort to the services of a mobile spy in the following cases:

  • there are good reasons to believe that the wife has a lover;
  • She has put a password on her cell phone;
  • does not answer the phone in your presence, cautious in her statements;
  • she constantly has urgent matters that she doesn’t tell you about.

Is it possible to “bloodlessly” verify that she is cheating?

Would it help to uncover any suspicions about her? Is it possible to prevent cheating in this way? Our answer is yes. Watching your wife through a phone is not a shame, because it is calmer, in addition you are always on guard. In case anything will be ready for an unpleasant turn of events in your life together.

What program can I use?

If you click on the link below, you will be available a special Internet service online spying. The MSPY spy app needs to be activated on your wife’s smartphone without notifying her. The software is designed for Android devices.

Quick and easy installation requires no special knowledge or effort. A separate profile with limited access is created on a special site. Only you will have a password to the account, where information about all activity of the subscriber is stored:

  • Call details: number, duration, incoming or outgoing, audio recording;
  • Correspondence: SMS, MMS, mobile chat, data exchange;
  • Saving and deleting files, up to and including selfies taken by the wife.

Catch a Cheater

What’s the result?

You get 24-hour remote access to your wife’s cell phone. Anytime, anywhere through your own smartphone, you’ll be able to keep constant, real-time surveillance and catch a cheater.

Before you can monitor your wife’s phone, you must understand exactly what you have stopped trusting your beloved. The service described above provides each user with free monitoring for 12 hours.

Mobile spyware is an effective way to quickly collect the necessary evidence of cheating spouse. The data is collected in stealth mode without the owner’s knowledge. You will always be aware of where your spouse is spending time and with whom.

Who among us has not wanted to be in the shoes of James Bond’s girlfriend? Movies, intrigue, spy games and adrenaline – it’s all so exciting! Today we will tell you about the programs for smartphones, which can safely be called spy. To record a conversation without touching the cell phone, or to take a picture of someone without his knowledge – all this can be realized with the help of special mobile to catch a cheater app.

I found the following five programs for iOS and Android smartphones the most interesting.

  1. WebOfCam. Free. iOS and Android
  2. Spy Recorder. Free. iOS and Android
  3. Top Spy Lite (Top Spy). Free of charge. Full version costs 33 rubles/$0.9. iOS
  4. Spy Camera. Free. iOS
  5. SECuRET SpyCam. Free. Full version costs 148 rubles/$4.1. Android.


What is spying without surveillance? The application WebOfCam allows you to conduct video surveillance using a cell phone. True, you’ll need two smartphones for this (it doesn’t matter here whether they run on iOS or Android). The point of this program is to see on one phone what the other is filming.

First, we download the application and run it on two devices at the same time. On one of the smartphones we choose the “Camera” function – this phone will shoot video. Leave it at the scene, pointing the camera in the right direction.

In the WebOfCam application, choose the task for the smartphone to shoot or capture video from the other phone and catch a cheater.

On the second smartphone, select the “Viewer” (Observer) function. Both phones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Only then will the viewer smartphone “see” the camera smartphone and be able to connect to it.

Video from the first smartphone can be seen not only on the other phone, but also on a computer or laptop. It’s enough in the Internet browser to enter the address specified in the application. This will open the WebOfCam page, where you can zoom or rotate the video screen by 90 degrees.

With WebOfCam you can watch videos from your smartphone online on your computer

By the way, there is a “Blank Screen” button on the camera phone in the WebOfCam app. When you click on it, the smartphone screen goes black, as if the phone wasn’t even turned on. This is an additional encryption feature.

In summary, the WebOfCam app can be used, for example, to watch your husband in the next room, as a video babysitter or as a way to spy on your cat if he’s been stealing food from the table. You can think of a lot of situations. The main thing is you now know about online video surveillance tool!

The disadvantages of WebOfCam application are the lack of sound (yes, unfortunately, you will not hear what your boyfriend in the other room is talking about) and the inability to save the streaming video. But even without that the program retains its appeal. It can also be useful for those who like to make jokes. Imagine, you are in one part of the house or apartment and at the same time you can describe to another person in the same building his actions!

“Spy Recorder.”

This app secretly records conversations. The program recognizes the sound and starts recording, which stops if the sounds disappear. First we go into the settings. You should specify the maximum number of recordings to be made. You can also set this setting to infinite – then the recording will last until the memory on the phone runs out. You also need to specify the volume threshold at which the recording will start.

All tracks are stored in a special archive of the program “Spyrecorder”. You can listen to, rename, and delete recordings there.

Menu, settings and archive of the “Spyrecorder” application

So if you want to record a conversation with someone, turn on the app beforehand. As soon as the conversation starts, the program itself will start recording it.

Top Spy Lite and Hidden Camera

These applications are very similar. The main task they solve is stealthy photo and video recording.

The Top Spy Lite menu is very simple. After starting the application immediately reminds you that your phone must be switched to silent mode (otherwise all your secrecy when taking pictures will be spoiled by the sound of the shutter). There are four menu buttons in front of you. Choose which camera should be on – the back or the front. Immediately after you press one of the buttons the phone screen goes out as if it was turned off. In fact, the camera is working and to take a picture, you need to double-click anywhere on the screen. In the app Top Spy Lite is only available to take photos, to shoot video you have to buy the full version of the program. Personally, when I saw the dark screen, I would never have guessed that the phone was on, much less that the camera was working.

The Hidden Camera app also allows you to take pictures of people without them realizing it. There are several camouflage screens in this program. These are pictures that will be displayed on your smartphone screen when you are secretly filming. In addition to the black background with the battery image (this screen is very similar to the black screen from Top Spy Lite), the app offers the use of images of a photo editor or an Internet browser. From the outside, it looks like you’re sitting on the Internet or editing a photo, but you’re actually taking a photo ! The battery screen is free, but the other camouflage backgrounds have to be purchased, and they cost 33 rubles.

Settings (left) and free camouflage screen (right) in the “Hidden Camera” app

Top Spy Lite and Hidden Camera work on the iOS system. The analogue of these programs on Android can be called SECuRET SpyCam. However, this application is completely in English.


The SECuRET SpyCam application has one advantage over the previously listed analogues. The program is able to react to motion. This means that the camera of your smartphone will automatically take photos or record video if motion is seen in the field of the lens. Video recording will continue until the motion stops.

Summary. Before learning about spyware, I had no thoughts of spying on someone, eavesdropping on someone, or taking pictures. But now I can’t stop thinking about how such applications can be used. Anyway, the main thing is to be confident, even when eavesdropping or spying. If your phone won’t give you away as a “spy,” your eyes and behavior might.

A cell phone nowadays is a device that contains a lot of important information of its owner. It stores photos and video files, sms messages and personal correspondence from various messengers. All this data is very important to the owner of the phone, and it is unlikely he would want to part with them. But what can be done if the device is still lost?

Many applications have already been developed for this case. They are able to indicate the location of the phone, as well as perform many other useful functions. And here’s a list that includes the best cell phone tracking apps.


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