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Since When Is The Blessing Of God In The Church Considered A Wedding?
Alesya asks: “Hello! Such a question. Since when is the blessing of God through the pastor in the Church considered a wedding? If you take the Old Testament, there the marriage was created simply by asking two people for God’s blessing, even in private. Why is there no such thing now?“ Hello, Alesya. The procedure […]
Why Can Believers Allow The Sin Of Adultery Before Marriage?
Asked by MikeAnswer Alex Marche, Mike asks: I have been dating a girl, a Christian, since childhood.She had a sexual relationship with an ex-boyfriend who is a believer. I don’t understand how believers can be so weird? I wouldn’t have been bothered by it if she wasn’t a believer when she had sexual intercourse. When […]
"I Blame Myself For The Wrong Choice Of Partner."
Helen Chirlypsychologist Recently I broke up with a man. When meeting him he reminded me of my father, who in many ways was an ideal man for me: he was the same kind, caring, sharing, bright person with a gentle nature. About a couple of months after we started dating, I began to notice that […]
How Adultery Affects A Person's Life: The Consequences And The Law Of The Boomerang
“The game of life is like a game of boomerangs; deeds and words sooner or later come back to us with astonishing accuracy” – Florence Skinner. The above quote accurately and succinctly describes the boomerang principle. We can think of each of our thoughts, words, and actions as energy that returns in one way or […]
What Is The Right Thing To Do When You Find Out About Cheating?
From AndrewAnswer Henry Koles Andrew writes: “After 5 years of marriage, my wife accidentally told me that my wife cheated on me in the first month of our meetings. I knew I was not her first, but not when she was building a relationship with me. She was afraid to admit to me that I […]
Is There A Providence Of God For Adultery In Marriage?
Daniel asks: “Hello! Is there the Providence of God for adultery and cheating spouse in marriage? If there is, then why such a painful admonition to a man? “ Good afternoon, Daniel God is against any sin. Naturally, adultery is a human error. For the harlot is a deep abyss, and another man’s wife is […]
Adultery In Orthodoxy And The Bible: Advice From A Priest
There is an opinion that fornication can destroy even the strongest relationships, this is a quite logical fact. It can be seen not only as a blow to the self-esteem of a loved one, betrayal, but also a grave sin in cheating apps. Faithfulness is the power that keeps a family home and happiness together. […]
What Is The Christian Way To Beautifully Woo A Girl That I Have Fallen In Love With?
Hello Greg. Here is what the Bible says about love:Love is longsuffering, merciful, love does not envy, love does not boast, is not proud, does not be disorderly, does not seek its own, is not angry, does not think evil, does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; covers everything, believes everything, hopes […]
My Girlfriend Left Me A Month Before I Was Supposed To Propose To Her
Nick asks: “Good afternoon! My girlfriend left me a month before I was supposed to propose to her. Said that she fell out of love. We fought a lot and the last fight was in front of my dad. And he seems to be against it now and she doesn’t want to either. The relationship […]
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